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Elekworld trading here with full line products for smartphone & tablets, stable,low price and quick affordable.

Iphone 6 spare parts:

iphone 6 front screen glass,$3.5

iphone 6 plus tempered glass (0.26mm) with retail package,$2.71

iphone 6 tempered glass(0.26mm) with retail package,$2.08

iphone 6 accessories:

And here are the other parts that you may be interested:

Iphone LCD assambly:

Iphone 5s ,Ori, $38.62, high copy,$25.98

Iphone 5,Ori,$37.67, high copy,$23.64

Iphone 4/4s,Ori,$33.88, high copy,$15.38

Ipad touch screen glass:

ipad air, ori, $20.05 ,high copy ,$18.15

ipad mini ,ori ,$15.17, high copy,$15.17

ipad 3/4 ,ori,$17.49,high copy,$10.62

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Chinese National Day Holiday : Oct 1st to Oct 7th

And DHL and all logistics company will surely have serveral days,even possilby a week or more delay during this peak season.
We suggest a stock order soon ,better to order before the last week of this month.
Near holiday, anything your current suppliers can not quick affordable ,pls let us know and we ‘d glad to help.
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“It’s important to realize that whenever you give power to politicians or bureaucrats, it will be used for what they want, not for what you want.” Harry Browne



You must be out of your mind to think for one moment that the British people would tolerate Blair in any public post for the rest of his life.


However and in spite of that, Blair’s vision for Europe focuses on the European Council. Wasn’t it his pretension to become its next president? Five years ago, Tony Blair was blocked from becoming president of the European Council by Angela Merkel. Weren’t we just saved by the bell? Or by Angela? Or is he now preparing to mount another bid to become President of the European Union, when Herman Van Rompuy, who beat Blair to the post in 2009, steps down in November?
Maybe he felt that, as a pro-European, he was compelled to map out a new direction after the European election. Very fortunately, we missed him taking us the same way as Iraq.


But seriously, is the EU (European Union), the UK (United Kingdom), or anybody in his right senses, that badly off, that they have to get this egomaniac back? I really am glad that my country (Malta) left serving the UK as a Mediterranean military base particularly now, if it is still felt that such scoundrels may be asked to lead one’s country…. permanently to destruction. Blair was the UK’s worst kind of politician and he got away with it. The politics of fear is very destructive as a culture. This has always been Blair’s most favoured political tactic. Furthermore, before inviting Blair to perform any task, it would be best to find out how much it will cost. Bliar doesn’t work on the cheap. It has been said that he is now worth 75 million pounds sterling from phony speaking tours where he is paid or rather repaid by American neocons grateful for his complicity in destroying Iraq. Ex-Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, notoriously, is a very rich man. He is also an adviser to various Middle Eastern and central Asian dictators. Can the EU really entertain this hugely-tainted and flawed opportunist? If Blair gets a role in the EU, I give it 6 months and he’ll have dragged Europe into another war…possibly withRussia!

What’s he up to? Almost anything that doesn’t need a conscience. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had his eye on a position such as High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security in the European Union as this post also includes that of Vice-President of the European Commission. It is currently held by Catherine Ashton, a Blair/Brown appointment in that epitome of democracy, the EU!


Later, they will be asking Blair to be a Middle East peace envoy next! Oh, he is already the one! I wouldn’t even allow this dreadful man back into the country if I could stop him. He is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths abroad and the speeding up of Britain into the cesspit of the civilised world. Whoever contemplated such a daft proposition, in the light of his antecedents?

The former prime minister, appointed to the job in September 2007, made the American Colony hotel in East Jerusalem his base of the Peace Envoy for the Quartet – the US, EU, Russia and the United Nations for efforts to boost the West Bank economy and improve Palestinian governance – key strands of the overall western strategy of backing the Palestinian Authority.

However it is evident that his job as Peace Envoy to the Middle East cannot be very demanding. As Gaza burned, he was throwing a lavish 60th birthday party for his wife Cherie at their 6million (pounds sterling) country mansion. In spite of everything, Saeb Erekat, the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s chief negotiator, suggested that the British envoy was not as influential as he liked to suggest. Tony Blair, was attacked by Palestinian officials for being biased in favour of Israeli security needs and seeming “to advocate an apartheid-like approach to dealing with the occupied West Bank”, the Palestine papers reveal. He was criticised for ‘Israeli bias’, while leaked papers show that Palestinians felt that the quartet envoy was paternalistic and that the Israelis didn’t take him too seriously.


“Help me decide the future of the press!”, Lord Justice Leveson asks Blair.

The irony of asking Blair to give advice on how to regulate the press is that it was his government that flaunted most legislative and democratic protocols to ensure that the British public got undemocratically dictated to by any press that agreed with Blair. Blair regulated media will have as much credibility as his rigging of Iraq’s WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction).


Last year, Tony Blair has been awarded by business leaders in Poland to thank him for supporting the country’s bid to join the EU, and opening up the British labour market to the Poles. The former prime minister was honoured with the ‘Special Prize’ at the Business Leader’s Awards in Warsaw, in the form of a gold statuette, which was collected by Robin Barnett, Britain’s ambassador in Poland. He received special recognition for helping Poles go to the UK.

“I have a lot of admiration for Poland and the Polish people,” Blair said, according to a statement on the Business Centre Club’s website. “I would like to thank you for the contribution you have made to the European Union as well as the role you play in my country, the UK. This is a tough time economically, but I know about the fantastic work of which Business Centre Club can be proud,” he added.

Previous recipients of the award have included Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton.

Labour’s immigration policies under Tony Blair have proved controversial, after Ministers admitted earlier this week that relaxing border controls for Eastern European immigrants was a “mistake”. However in an interview with the BBC, Blair said he didn’t regret his immigration policies He never regretted anything he did.

It is important to realise when watching Blair before the Chilcot Inquiry, which commenced in July 2009, with public hearings commencing on 24 November 2009, that the mistakes he made as Prime Minister led to real people dying. Most were foreign, some were British. Why weren’t the manoeuvrings of Blair and Bush exposed to scrutiny in 2002 and 2003?


The thing is that we don’t have to wait for the report to understand what happened; it has been plain for the last six or seven years. But imagine how things would be if we had known then what we know now. Real-time disclosure makes deception very hard


The British government stated that, revealing a phone call conversation between Bush and Blair would later present a “significant danger” to British-American relations. The million word report of the Inquiry was due to be released to the public by 2014, but difficult negotiations were continuing with the U.S. over the publication of documents relating to the US.


The Inquiry pursued a claim that a deal was ‘signed in blood’ by Mr Blair at Mr Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, in 2002, a year before the war. This “inquiry” was nothing more than pantomime, designed to placate the little common people. Unfortunately, nothing will happen to the pitiful handbag salesman Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. And, by the way, the total expenditure of the Inquiry since 2009 amounts to over 9 million (pounds sterling) to the detriment of the British taxpayer!

But maybe this is not our way. There are already important lessons to be learned about recent history and the dictatorial way Blair ran the government at the height of his power – how easily checks on him were bypassed, opposition thwarted, intelligence skewed, lawyers and obstructive colleagues sidelined, all in the mortifying attempt to earn the favour of the US and pursue a policy of “liberal intervention” that was, by the way, in part developed by Chilcot committee member Sir Lawrence Freedman.

Tony Blair is to face scathing criticism from the official inquiry into the Iraq War for the role he played in leading Britain into one of its biggest foreign policy fiascos in modern history.


Charges should be brought against this man, a man whose greed and hunger for political and financial success, lost lives, deceived the public and compromised the public’s faith in Government then and for years to come.

Over four years from 1999 to 2003 the US with Blair-commanded British support applied military power in three countries with horrific human consequences.

First, in spring 1999, illegal NATO (North American Treaty Organisation) bombing devastated Serbia, whose nationalist government had been attempting to suppress the independence movement of the province of Kosovo. This breakaway movement was led by al-Qaida-linked KLA guerillas. Nonetheless they were covertly receiving training and arms from Britain.

Falsely, Blair told the Commons on April 13, during the bombing allegedly intended to prevent ethnic cleansing which in fact it accelerated, that Britainwas not in favour of providing such support.

Next, in late 2001, the US-British revenge bombing of Afghanistan for the New York September 11 Al-Qaida atrocity replaced a Taliban government with corrupt warlords. This aggression disregarded the uncomfortable reality that most of the suicide killers were from Saudi Arabia.


Then in spring 2003 the US invaded Iraq — illegally — and justified it with massively spiced-up intelligence evidence of alleged threats to other countries and the alleged possession of WMDs, which never resulted. One confidential Blair note to Bush in July 2002 began: “You know George, whatever you decide to do, I’m with you.” Not with the British people? He sold his country to the US administration!


With every passing day, it becomes clearer that Blair considered the United Kingdom as his personal fiefdom,


Blair did more than many modern Prime Ministers in destroying democracy in his country, except perhaps for Scotland, which may escape his destruction. He lied, cheated, spun and ended his pitiful reign by invading a foreign country and colluding in the slaughter of thousands of British soldiers, US troops and other foreign civilians. Blair was not and never will be a great statesman. He is a sleazy, egotistical self-interested second-hand car salesman.


Many Western critics are now saying that the invasion of Iraq spearheaded by the US and Britain in 2003 paved the way for the recent escalation of violence in the region.


It’s very very lucky that Malta, through the efforts and successes of the then Prime Minister, Dom Mintoff, gained independence and is no longer a colony or a military base for Britain, as otherwise we would have been dragged into these merciless wars. It’s truly beneficial that we are still a non-aligned country!


We don’t want anything of Blair! Let the UK partners have him; lock, stock and barrel. Maybe, this is all this warmonger holds!



Freedom and independence form my character.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk





Joseph M. Cachia September, 2014

Freelance Journalist

Malta Socialist Party

Email: jmcachia@maltanet.net

Vittoriosa – MALTA (Europe)

Tel: 2180756699866151



More blogs on: di-ve.com


malta now

global free press




“Otterbox Defender” 3 Layers Case iPhone 6 w/retail package 26 colour

Dear customer,
Are you looking for a stable supplier of smartphone(Iphone, Ipad, Ipod,Samsung,Htc,Blackberry,Nokia, Sony) parts and accessories ?Maybe Elekworld is your good choice.

Screen series
iphone 5S high copy: $25.89 original: $38.62
iphone5C high copy: $25.89 original: $31.26
iphone5 high copy: $23.64 original: $30.13
iphone4S/4 high copy: $15.38 original: $33.80
Protective film series
0.26mm Ultrathin Tempered Glass Protective Film for iPhone 6 Plus(5.5″),W/retail package $2.71
0.26mm Ultrathin Tempered Glass Protective Film for iPhone 6G(4.7″),W/retail package $2.08
Anti-glare Screen Protective Film for iPhone 6 (5.5″), w/retail package $0.29
Anti-glare Screen Protective Film for iPhone 6 (4.7″), w/retail package $0.25
Protective Case series
picture 1 “Otterbox Defender” 3 Layers Case with 360° Rotating Belt Clip for iPhone 6 (4.7″), w/retail package 26 colour $6.28

picture 2 “Speck CandyShell” 2-Layer Military-grade Protective Case for iPhone 6, w/retail package 11 colour $3.5

All parts have No MOQ(Minimum order quantity),Paypal payment accept,any more details,pls let me know.

Best Regards!
Skype: ruby.elekworld
Address: Futian District ,Shenzhen City,518028, Guangdong, China

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