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In this newsletter… courses just announced and starting soon; a new way to find courses; how to share the gift of learning; and our first birthday celebrations continue.

Courses just announced

In the Night Sky: Orion, The Open University

Introduction to Forensic Science, University of Strathclyde

Elements of Renewable Energies, The Open University

Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions, University of Exeter

Managing People: Engaging Your Workforce, University of Reading

Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals, University of Bath

Exploring English: Language and Culture, British Council

Water for Liveable and Resilient Cities, Monash University

Courses starting this week

Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game, University of Reading

The Secret Power of Brands, University of East Anglia

Football: More than a Game, The University of Edinburgh

Innovation and Enterprise, Loughborough University

World War 1: Aviation Comes of Age, University of Birmingham

Courses starting next week

Exploring Our Oceans, University of Southampton

How to Read Your Boss, The University of Nottingham

Liver Disease: Looking After Your Liver, University of Birmingham

Start Writing Fiction, The Open University

World War 1: Changing Faces of Heroism, University of Leeds

From the blog: a new way to find courses, plus a People’s Lovies update

You can now browse courses by category – for example, Business & Management or Health & Psychology – making it easy to find the ones that interest you. Learn how it works.

Last time, we asked you to vote for us in the People’s Lovies. Thank you so much if you did – you helped us win an award! Find out more.

How to share the gift of learning

9 out of 10 people said that knowledge is a gift, in a recent survey. If you agree, you can now share the gift of learning with friends, family or colleagues through social media.

We’ve created some inspirational images to encourage people to make a real change in their lives, and feel happier at home or work. Share the gift of learning now.

Our first birthday celebrations continue

It’s been 12 months since our first course began. To celebrate, we’re telling our story so far in numbers; discussing what lies ahead; and meeting more learners on the blog.

Wishing you another happy year of learning,

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P.S. How do brands make us buy things?

Partnership with Kurt Arrigo – World’s foremost yachting photographer

The execution of great photography is vital to creating the imagery required to best represent an experience in accordance with the desires of a luxury client, so we are very pleased to announce an in-depth partnership with Kurt Arrigo, one of the world’s finest luxury and marine photographers.
We believe imagery is the definitive representation of a brand. What you show is who you are and we believe that without it, you have nothing. Our collective aim is to take people on a visual journey through the highest-quality photography while getting them excited about what we are marketing through our expertise with regard to how, when and where we publish content.
“Ultimately, Anchovy Luxury’s founders and I have the same level of acceptance in the quality of work we produce on behalf of our clients. We have chosen to team up and combine our individual strengths in order to reach out to superior brands. We want to identify ourselves with the most illustrious brands in existence and work in complete synergy with the luxury and aspiration they wish to convey to their followers,” said Kurt.
Anchovy Luxury founders, Zak and Benji Borg, have common ground with Kurt due to all three of them being avid sailors. They believe that this common ground will allow them to produce an even higher standard of work on behalf of their clients.

Benji enthused about the new partnership: “Kurt Arrigo and Anchovy share the same passion and philosophy in regard to the work we create. Kurt is at the fore front of his industry and we feel that when our technical skills in luxury digital marketing and Kurt’s truly amazing photography combine, we can really create magic.”

Anchovy Luxury and Kurt Arrigo agree that being able to execute what luxury brands require is to have a genuine passion about doing what you are doing. We are on the same page in terms of enjoying what we do, and that is photography, creating and communicating, with a bit of adventure thrown in for good measure. After all, messages always get across in much better fashion when there is genuine enthusiasm and understanding to back them up.