Sugar Paper Kraft Swiss Dot Weekly/monthly Planner 8.5×11 Gold Details 2015

Product Description

A complete planner in our largest page size. Kraft cover features cursive date in gold foil. Weekly and monthly calendars offer an overview of your month and plenty of writing space. January – December 2015. Renowned for its design aesthetic, unparalleled taste and perfectionism, Los Angeles-based Sugar Paper created the design for this collection of planners and calendars.


一个完整的策划者在我们的最大的页面大小。卡夫盖酒店在金箔草书日期。每周和每月的日历提供您一个月的概述写作的空间和充足的。 1至12月2015年为著名的设计美学,无与伦比的品味和完美主义,洛杉矶的糖皮创造的设计规划者和日历这个集合。

Pinzon All-Seasons Feather Duvet, Super King Size (4.5 TOG Summer Duvet + 9 TOG Winter Duvet)

From the Manufacturer

Pinzon All-Seasons Duck Feather Duvet

Enjoy a great night’s sleep with a Pinzon duvet which is just right for your needs. This Pinzon all-seasons duvet offers you warmth all year round. The filling composition is 100% white duck feather. The summer duvet boasts 4.5 TOG; the winter duvet has 9.0 TOG. The duvets can be attached to each other using the buttons on the corners.

The Pinzon all-seasons feather duvet is made with an all-over baffle-box design to avoid the down fill shifting and to maintain even warmth over the whole duvet. Besides being incredibly functional, this Pinzon duvet also looks great. The leak-proof casing is made from 100% cotton with self-piping edges. Safe to clean at home in the washing machine and can be tumble dried.


  • 1 summer duvet with 4.5 TOG
  • 1 winter duvet with 9.0 TOG
  • The 2 duvets can be attached
  • 100% duck feather
  • Casing in 100% cotton

Pinzon Bedding

A few simple upgrades in the bedroom can create the welcome effect of a new beginning–whether it’s January 1st or a Sunday. Such a simple pleasure, really–fresh, clean sheets, fluffy pillows, and cozy comforters. You can feel like a five-star guest in your own home with bed linens by Pinzon. Fold back the covers, slip into sweet happy dreams, and wake up refreshed. It’s a brand-new day.

About Pinzon

Invite Amazon’s Pinzon products into your home for their form and function, and experience their style, craftsmanship, and value. We travel the world to find the best materials and designs for Pinzon products and use the most sensible manufacturing methods. We thoroughly test each Pinzon item and rely on feedback from our customers to help us deliver the highest quality. Check out all of our Pinzon products, including bedding, towels, and more, and you’ll find something for all occasions at the best values. With a selection that continues to grow, the Pinzon brand is set to become a part of your lifestyle.



享受一个伟大的夜晚的睡眠与平松羽绒被是正好适合您的需求。这平松全赛季羽绒被为您提供温馨全年。馅料成分是100%白鸭毛。夏季羽绒被拥有4.5 TOG;冬季羽绒被有9.0 TOG。的羽绒可使用对角部的按钮被彼此连接。


1夏天的羽绒被与4.5 TOG
1冬季羽绒被与9.0 TOG


在卧室里的几个简单的升级,可以创建一个新的开始受欢迎的效果 – 无论是1月1日或星期日。这样一个简单的快乐,真的 – 新鲜,干净的床单柔软的枕头,舒适的被褥。您感觉自己就像一个五星级酒店在自己家里的床单被平松。反折盖,陷入甜蜜幸福的梦,醒来神清气爽。这是一个崭新的一天。


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