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Speed cameras- IMPORTANT

Dear clients and colleagues

Kindly note that with immediate effect, speed cameras are being changed all over the Island to more sophisticated ones. The end result is that the new cameras that are being installed are much more sensitive AND will get you even after passing from in front of them. If you are in its line of vision, there is a very big probability that it will get you. In these past few days, we have been getting a larger than usual number of speeding citations so we thought that we should let you know. Please be careful of the prevailing speed limit when in the vicinity of speed cameras.

Alex Fenech

Percius Car Hire Ltd

185, Annibale Preca Street, Lija, LJA 1918, Malta

Tel: +356 2144 2530 (ext 4)  9942 4098

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PerciusCarHire

*PR 15-04-2014Alternattiva Demokratika on disability issues *

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party


P.O. Box 38, Marsa, MTP1001

*PR 15-04-2014Alternattiva Demokratika on disability issues *

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party was amongst the entities

discussing relevant current issues with the representatives of eother

ntities in a seminar organised by the Malta Federation of Organisations for

Persons with Disability. Dr *Clare Azzopardi Lane*, AD spokesperson on

disability issues, stated that AD has long been campaigning for an array of

rights of persons with disability that are still not fully established in

this country.

Voting rights of persons with disability have long been one of the issues

on AD's agenda. Alternattiva Demokratika supported the introduction of the

Braille and audio template voting system for visually impaired and blind

voters as well as the trusted friend system which has not yet been

introduced. It has also been supporting the right to universal access,

including the right of visually impaired and blind people who are supported

by guide dogs to pursue their mobility and independence in all environments.

Employment and education for persons with disability are also high on AD's

agenda. Dr Claire Azzopardi Lane has criticized the recently published PSD

guidelines, that gave little importance to the delivery of such an

important subject to students with disability. AD spokesperson for

Education, *Mario Mallia*, has also disapproved of the introduction of

banding in the education system, as AD believes it will not be a positive

experience especially for the most vulnerable of students. AD also

commented on further structures that need to be put in place for vocational

training and employment of persons with disability in different work


*PR 15-04-2014 *

*Alternattiva Demokratika dwar id-di?abilità*

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party kienet fost l-entitajiet li

ddiskutew oqsma importanti, flimkien ma’ rappre?entanti ta’ organizazjoniet

o?ra, f’seminar li ?ie organizat mill-Federazjoni ta l-Organizazzjonjiet

g?all-persuni b'diszabilta f'Malta. Il-kelliema tal-AD fuq id-di?abilita’,

Dr.*Claire Azzopardi Lane*, qalet li l-AD ilha tahdem favur bosta

drittijiet tal-persuni b'di?abilta li g?adhom ma ng?atawx lil dawn

il-persuni f'pajji?na.

Id-dritt tal-vot tal-persuni b'di?abilita ilu fuq l-agenda tal-AD.

L-Alternattiva Demokratika ?admet favur l-introduzzjoni ta' sistema

b'template bil-lingwa tal-Braille flimkien ma’ sistema ta smig? g?al

persuni g?omja jew b'nuqqas ta vista, kif ukoll g?as-sistema tat-'trusted

friend', sistema li g?adha ma ?ietx introdotta. L-Alternattiva Demokratika

ukoll issostni id-dritt g?all-a??ess universali, inklu? id-dritt ta'

persuni g?omja jew b'nuqqas ta vista li huma mg?ejjuna minn kelb gwida biex

ikollhom mobilta’ u independenza f'kull ambjent.

Ix-xog?ol u l-edukazjoni tal-persuni b'di?abilta’ huma fil-qu??ata

tal-a?enda tal-Alternattiva Demokratika. L-AD ikkritikat il-linji gwida li

?ew mnedija re?entement biex ji?i mg?allem il-PSD g?ax dawn taw ftit wisq

importanza lil kif jista’ ji?i mg?allem dan is-su??ett tant importanti lil

studenti b'dizabilta’. L-AD iddi?approvat l-introduzzjoni tas-sistema

edukattiva mag??rufa b?ala 'banding', dan min?abba li l-AD temmen li din

mhux se jkollha esperjenza po?ittiva fuq dawk l-istudenti l-aktar

vulnerabbli. L-AD ukoll ikkummentat dwar aktar struturi li hemm b?onn ikun

hemm fil-pajji? biex il-persuni b'di?abilta’ jitrawmu g?ax-xog?ol u ji?u

impjegati f' diversi setturi.

Paulus Restaurant

A fish-lover's haven, Paulus is situated in the most picturesque area of Bugibba.

At Paulus, we believe that "if you give love to the food, you will get it back".

This is certainly evident in our choice of only the freshest catches, prepared exclusively using seasonal ingredients.

Boasting a menu dedicated to the freshest seasonal offerings, we offer typical local favourites with a twist – look out for the likes of the Cioppino, a Tuscan version of our fish shop, our Calamari Fritti, and especially the chef's take on the daily fresh catch of fish.

Meat-lovers need not worry, as they will find something to suit their tastes too.

Paulus prides itself on its Mediterranean-style cuisine that gives more than a nod to Malta, with your local hosts, Luke and Byron making sure your dining experience is a memorable one.


Paulus Restaurant, Plajjet Bognor, Bugibba, Malta

Tel: +356 7755 1102

E-mail: info@paulusdining.com


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