Technology Terminology Among Vendors

Listen to this Post Voice-over by Technology Terminology Among Vendors     Technology Data Server Schema Oracle Instance Schema Microsoft SQL Server Server Database/Owner Sybase ASE Server Database/Owner DB2/400 Server Library Teradata Server Schema Microsoft Access Database JMS Topic File Server Directory File File Server Directory

Logical Versus Physical Architecture

Listen to this Post Voice-over by Logical Versus Physical Architecture     Physical architecture: Defines physical resources. Describes the real locations of servers and schemas. If the accounting application data schema exists at several places, it is declared as different physical schemas. Logical architecture: Abstract view of the resources. The accounting application schema is […]

Physical Schemas: Properties

Listen to this Post Voice-over by Physical Schemas: Properties     An ODI physical schema always consists of two data server schemas: The data schema, which contains the datastores. The work schema, which stores temporary objects. A data server schema is technology-dependent. Catalog name and/or schema name. A data server has: One or more […]