Self Esteem with my corn flakes…

Self Esteem with my corn flakes…

“During some of the darkest days of my life I had breakfast with him every morning.”

He taught me the very first principles I ever learned about self-esteem. Like he did for millions of others around the world, he convinced me that I had the Seeds of Greatness within me. As much as anyone, he taught me how to be a Winner in every area of my life. After all those days of breakfast I wore out the old audio tapes, and his book has grown dog-eared with age and use.

It would be years later before I could thank him in person. And just as humbly as he appears in audio recordings, the real-life Denis Waitley quietly accepted the accolades I heaped on him. There’s no question he’s the real deal and his reputation is well deserved. I recommend him frequently to people struggling with low self-esteem because he did so much to help mine. In fact, I used to carry around copies of Seeds of Greatness as giveaways for “needy” friends.

If you’re not familiar with Denis, you should be. No less than the late, great Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said about him, “Denis Waitley is one of the most inspiring men of our time. And he has the rare ability to motivate every reader and listener.” He has taught his principles to our Olympic teams for the last 25 years, trained our Apollo Astronauts, and coached countless Champions in the world of sports and business. His legendary clients include Dell, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and many, many more.

That’s why I’m excited Denis gave us permission to market his work called “The Psychology of Winning in Any Economy.” It’ll knock your socks off! It’s an incredible CD library that will help you learn how to maximize your performance, manage your time, enhance your relationships, set and achieve goals, make more money, simplify your life and supercharge your career.

We’ve got a special offer of this lined up and that allows us to offer it at less than half of retail price (while quantities last). Important: This offer will not be available again in 2013, so check it out now…

It would also be worth your while to take 7 minutes and go listen to a free sample of Denis’ teaching. I think you’ll find him motivating, enlightening and encouraging. And I know you’ll find this is just as special as he is!

As always, thanks for supporting our site :-)

Vic and Lisa Johnson

P.S. One of the very best recordings Denis has ever done (and remember, one of his programs is the number one selling personal development program of all-time) is his special on the classic Acres of Diamonds.

Early-bird orders can get this CD (it sells everyday for $14.95) as a bonus for ordering today…

PR20/10/2014 Traffic: AD asks for effective and real solutions

PR20/10/2014 Traffic: AD asks for effective and real solutions

Referring to today’s comments by Transport Minister Joe Mizzi during the
inauguration of new Marsamxett ferries, AD spokesperson on energy,
transport and industry Ralph Cassar appealed for a wide consultation with
civil society to move as fast as possible towards the drawing up and
implementation of a sustainable mobility plan for the whole country.

Ralph Cassar said:”The increased capacity on ferry services between Sliema
and Valletta is a positive development. Improvements in mass public
transportation is always a step forward, however we wish to see more
integration between different forms of transport, with, for example, common
tickets which can be used on different services.”

“Making mobility more sustainable includes the investment of car license
fee income in public transport, infrastructure for commuting by bicycles or
electric bicycles, and in pedestrianisation. Does the Minister have what it
takes to save our most polluted areas from the social, environmental and
serious health issues?”

“The hard truth is that the traffic problem has not been tackled, neither
in the past 20 years, nor now. PL and PN politicians are fixated on
building more roads and increasing parking in heavily congested and
polluted areas. It is an elementary fact that such policies have in fact
led to worsening the situation. It is time to move from populist policies
and promises to real action.”